Father's Day celebrations in Sweden may differ from family to family. Read on to know more about celebrating Father's Day in Sweden.

Father's Day in Sweden

In Sweden, Father's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of November. The celebrations of Father's Day began as early as 1930 in Sweden. In this European country, the celebrations of Father's Day or Mother's Day became popular because both the school and church supported the idea. Traditionally, students were asked to make drawings for their fathers in schools. Cultural events were also organized and people use to participate in them with loads of excitement. However, the celebrations became more personal in the 1960's and people began to celebrate this day in their own private way. Nevertheless, the occasion is one of joy and fun for the Swedish people. Read on to know more about Father's Day celebrations in Sweden.

Father's Day Celebrations in Sweden
  • Swedish celebration of Father's Day entails special cake and presents for dad. Fathers are often given a tie on Father's Day, and this "compulsory" item has become something of a laughing stock in many Swedish families today.
  • Personal celebrations and even public gatherings are encouraged on this day to mark the event. It is common to see people participating in Father's Day events and programs organized by local bodies.
  • Swedish people believe in pampering their dads on this day. They usually take them out for lunch, beer or to even a popular movie. Giving dad's favorite gifts is also a common practice among the Swedish people.
  • Lavish dinner and feasts are arranged to observe this day. Swedish culinary like cockerel, potatoes boiled with dill, Baltic herring fillets, fresh Swedish strawberries, apple pies, cinnamon buns and other lip-smacking dishes form the highlight of any feast.
  • Some children also make homemade crafts for their father on this day. Father's day crafts are fairly popular among young kids in Sweden. These crafts are made to give as gifts to the father with a personal touch.
  • Most of the people try to spend the entire day in the company of their dad and try to make him feel important and special. A lot of children participate in their Father's hobby, such as fishing or playing baseball. Swedish people believe having fun with their father and spending a memorable time with him on this day.
  • Over the years, giving beautiful greeting cards to fathers has become very popular and people write meaningful quotes and sayings inside the cards to convey their feelings for their father in the most beautiful way possible. Gifting homemade greeting cards to dad is also popular.