Celebrating First Fathers Day? Check out fun ideas for making your First Father's Day celebration a memorable affair.

First Father's Day

Fatherhood is one of the most awaited stages of life, which every man yearns for. It is actually a privileged moment for every new dad when he finally steps into fatherhood. Even though, being a father means sleepless nights, dirty diapers and loads of responsibility on the domestic front, no father can deny the joy that a new-born baby brings to his life. Well if your husband is a new dad, then first of all, 'Congratulations'. Now that Father's Day is approaching and the whole town is in high spirits, how do you plan to make it special for him? Celebrating first Father's Day even before your tiny tot knows what the excitement is all about, is a great way to thank your husband and give junior the first taste of paternal blessings. These simple ideas will surely make First Fathers Day celebration a memorable one for your family.

Ideas for Celebrating First Father's Day
  • First and foremost, serve the new daddy breakfast in bed. You don't have to bake yourself in the kitchen, along with hams and cakes, if you can't steal some time from nursing the baby. Instead purchase some pastries and muffins from the local bakery and serve them in style.
  • Make sure that you opt for a low-key party celebration that fits into your domestic schedule. Avoid loud parties or unnecessary guests. It should be only you, your husband and baby. Or else, you may invite a couple of selected friends. The whole celebration should be a simple family get-together.
  • With new-born babies in the family, domestic expenses surely tend to mount. So, it is wise if you avoid purchasing extravagant and unnecessary things for the party. You don't need a dining table that creaks with loaded platters. Keep a check on how you mange the funds.
  • Now, it's the time for selecting a gift for the new father. You can purchase a necktie as his first Fathers Day gift, if you want to keep it conventional. Otherwise, pick a bottle of cologne or dinky cars, which he can show to junior when he grows up.
  • The next step to make daddy feel special is to partake in his hobby for a day. If daddy enjoys going for long drives in his car, make sure you and baby accompany him for a long family drive. Daddies usually love it, when their family takes their interests into consideration.
  • Go creative and make a cute Father's Day card for your hubby. You can create a collage card that displays assorted pictures of daddy, along with the baby or a simple pop-up card that will give him a good laugh. You can also include hand and foot prints of the baby as the main attraction of the card. If you are creative with words, write a short and witty poem for him. All this is surely to melt his heart and fill his eyes with tears of joy.