Celebration of Father's Day is characterized by a child paying tribute to his father. Know about celebrating Fathers Day in India.

Father's Day in India

Father's Day is a day when we commemorate and celebrate the presence of that special person in our life we call 'dad'. A person who has unconditionally accompanied us in different walks of our life, without any mopes or regrets. He is the one who has graced our lives with his overwhelming presence every moment. Dad was there to hold us when we took those first quivering steps and we can count on his protective presence even today. If we recall those pains and sacrifices that he has gone through, for us, we will surely realize why Father's Day celebrations are held in such high regards throughout the world

Father's Day Celebration in India
Talking about Father's Day celebration in India, it is comparatively a new trend that has started in the country. Similar to western countries like USA and UK, Father's Day celebration is slowly gaining ground in various Indian metropolises. Urban places in the country, where people are more receptive towards western culture, have recognized the sentiments attached with the day and have been celebrating it for not more than ten years now. The idea of honoring dads on this particular day has been appreciated by millions of Indians, who observe it on the third Sunday of June every year.

On this day, children pay tribute to their fathers and bestow them with gifts. They also express their warm greetings and love to people whom they consider as father figures. Though Father's Day celebrations are more pronounced in urban centers of India, many people in smaller towns and remote areas are also slowly catching up with the concept. Due credits goes to the numerous advertising campaigns that voice the importance of this day through gifts and greeting cards, for increasing its awareness.

Like in the West, children in India also make it a point to indulge dad with various love tokens and gifts during the occasion. From flowers to expensive accessories, various Father's Day gifts throng the Indian markets. Popular gifts include cards, bouquets, watches and wine bottles. The trend of presenting the conventional necktie to dads is also in style. Most Indian families generally prefer celebrating it by dining in restaurants or going out for a family picnic or a movie. Cultural shows are also organized in various schools and clubs to honor dads on this special day.

Presenting dad personalized gifts is a recent trend which has caught a rage in India. Right from personalized t-shirts with the photograph of father and his children to coffee mugs and office desk keepsakes, the options are endless. Gifting handmade souvenirs is another choice which people are exploring on this special day. Not only would the gift portray the creativity of the child, but would put across the emotions and sentiments towards his/her father. In short we can conclude, Father's Day festivity and fervor has surely caught up in India and is definitely here to stay!!