Parties, get-togethers mark the Father's Day celebrations in Finland. Read on to know ways of celebrating Father's Day in Finland.

Father's Day in Finland

The idea of father's day came to Finland from the United States in the 1950's. It is celebrated on the second Sunday of November in Finland and is an official flag-raising day. Father's day in Finland is not much different from mother's day; father's get gifts and cards by the rest of the family. It is a day for the kids to thank their father figures and send across the message of love, affection and appreciation in the form of gifts and through cards and homemade crafts. It is a day for the entire family to take part in and enjoy. In Finland, Father's Day is a day to strengthen the bonding not only between fathers and kids, but between all the members of the family. Here is how they celebrate father's day in Finland.

Father's Day Celebrations in Finland
  • People in Finland love to plan the day's activity well in advance. They do their homework well and make it a point to note down the likes and dislikes of their dad. They even make a list of various gift options that they can present to their dad.
  • People prefer starting off their dad's day with a special touch. Serving breakfast in the bed, or in the way he best likes, is one of the common practices in Finland.
  • Selecting a gift for Father's Day is a very important and carefully executed task in Finland. They select the gift very carefully, as the tradition of giving a gift is not just a tradition for them but a way to express their respect and emotions towards their dad.
  • Spending the entire day with their father is one of the ways of making Father's day memorable in Finland. People believe that this is one day for them to strengthen their relationship with their dad. They play football, or go out for a movie or their favorite sports.
  • Unconventional is the way they love to do it! Giving the gift straight away to their father sounds very plane to them. People in Finland love to be adventurous and so, they prefer leaving clues and letters for their dad to solve the puzzles and reach the gift.
  • Organizing surprise parties and treats is a common activity in Finland. A grand surprise party is organized and families and friends are invited to make the day a bash.
  • Cards, crafts, videos, scrap book and posters are hand-made by the children to acknowledge and appreciate the role played by their dad.
  • On the eve of Father's day, other fatherly figures like grandfathers and father-in-are also appreciated. Children go with flowers and sweets to their grandFather's house and spend a day with them.