Read this article to find out about Father's Day celebration and tradition in Ireland. Find information about the activities during Fathers Day in Ireland.

Father's Day in Ireland

Father's Day in Ireland is celebrated on the third Sunday of June, the same day when several other countries observe it. The celebrations in Ireland too are somewhat on the same line as it is celebrated in other parts of the world. It is seen as an opportunity for the people to honor their father and express love, affection and gratitude for them. Like in many other countries, people indulge their father by presenting them with loads of gifts and allowing them a day of fun, joy and rest. The grownups take their fathers out for dinner or lunch; take them to their favorite sporting events and so on. It is seen as a day to give all the happiness and comfort to fathers, by giving them the opportunity to fulfill all their small dreams on this day. It is a day also to convey this message to their fathers that how much they respect and appreciate them, and how much they are lucky and thankful to have them as their father. It is a day of sharing love, affection and thankfulness in Ireland.

Father's Day Celebrations in Ireland
  • Giving fathers different kinds of gifts is a very popular an activity in Ireland. Children buy and make cards, crafts, personalized gift items. Grownups buy their fathers tickets for game leagues, movie tickets, or a reservation to a restaurant.
  • Going for a picnic, or a family outing is also a common activity loved and conducted by people in Ireland. It is a day which people want to spend together with their family.
  • For dads who like to camp, fish, or hike gifts related to such sports are given to them. An Irish fisherman's sweater for e.g. will keep him warm.
  • Several clubs and cultural organizations in Ireland organize Father's Day programs to stress on the importance of the day and to strengthen the bond between fathers and children.
  • People whose fathers are no more, pay tribute by giving donations in the name of their father or they perform acts of services to mark the day. So Father's Day in Ireland is also connected to charity and social service.
  • Recipes and barbeques are prepared to add spice to the day's celebration. Kids, who are not big enough to prepare a meal themselves, assist their mom in cooking. It is a family get-together for the people in Ireland.
  • Children also throw up parties or grand treats in some resort or restaurants to make this day a memorable one for their father, and to show their love and respect through gifts and bouquets of flowers.